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I think it's a wonderful game. I played it with my 5 years old son, and we both enjoyed it. Especially because there is no explanation, so you have to find yourself what to do. 

Thanks for this game !


this is such a good game, so sad I finished it all at once :')


this game is soooo pretty and the sound design is amazing. The visuals and the sound together makes for an amazing experience. I absolutely loved it and was so delighted the whole time


For those trying to launch this in VR in Windows and having trouble with the included shortcut pointing to a nonexistent file, here's how I fixed that:

1. Find GNOG.exe in its install location; right click, and 'Create shortcut'

2. Right click the newly created shortcut and open Properties

3. In the Shortcut properties window, in the Target field, add "--launchvr" without the quotes to the end.

4. Click OK. Use this modified shortcut to open the app, and haaaave fuuuuun

Thank you!

This is good fun in VR, very professional

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Think of Gnog not as a traditional puzzle game, but as a collection of digital toys / complex puzzle boxes. You basically tinker with a bunch of them and use trial and error to make them work. That sounds kinda weird as a game, but it felt as wonderful in the same way as playing with toys as a child. Plus the superb art direction and music really elevated the experience. My only criticism it the short length and that the mouse control could use some tightening in a few places, but those are far from a deal breaker.


A short but absolutely delightful experience.
Very serene gameplay.


Quirky, imaginative, and satisfying. Definitely worth playing.


Bought this on steam ages ago and it's a delight. Tactile, satisfying, and just great all around.


Wonderfully inventive, imaginative and other worldly! There is no other game like GNOG. The game was an absolute joy to play w/my 6 yr old daughter. The game's puzzles appealed to both of us, and the vivid almost gooey like visuals and soundtrack were just perfect. We'd love if there was a soundtrack available. 

Anyway, congrats to all those involved in its production. Simply flawless execution and we even played through the entire game in Linux using the Windows binary via Wine!

Hope there are plays for GNOG 2!

Great game! Puzzles were challenging but not to the point that it's unsolvable. Really love the soundtrack as well.

really enjoyed this but the game wouldnt unlock additional levels after i finished the burglar one. gonna try to maybe redownload it at a later time

i thought this had happened with mine but when i scrolled left instead of right i enjoyed  that it had just moved underground in a different direction.

The cursor doesn't show up and I can't do anything other than esc to the menue

Great game! Looks and sounds great, and feels really good to play. Puzzles were challenging without being frustrating.

Love the sound design in this game! very cute graphics, nice way to relax for a little bit. love that the puzzles are dynamic 

This was a really great game!!! It was really rewarding to carefully peel back all the layers and get to the surprises inside. Thank you!!

So much fun. It was really enjoyable.  Big happy. 100% worth it <3

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A series of themed music boxes, which present a series of abstract puzzles in order to be unlocked and activated. The player is given almost no clue and has no option but to play with everything and figure it out. These aren't hard games, but the challenge is about right for the reward on offer, as the story of the box completes and it bursts into life with a song and dance. The overall effect was quite like an old Lucasarts adventure game, with the intuitive, ingenius mechanics wrapped up in a colourful, characterful, tasteful and skillfully realised presentation that put even this old miserable player into a genuinely light hearted mood.

Most games play on our dopamine levels. The cycle of addiction is what matters. Your attention returns to an ever streamlined mental sequence you employ to recapture the win. You are locked ever deeper into the game.

GNOG is a serotonin wonderland. You enter facing a task that is not signposted, and leave stimulated and overwhelmed. You might feel better about things, or notice that you have carried over a little bit of extra sensitivity to the pleasure of your senses and the world around us.

I hope many more games are influenced by titles like this one. Play is a chance to therapise our inner child. It's a shame the industry thrives on games that teach us to be organised and streamlined in order for arbitrary status rewards, in essence, replicating the idea of work, but holding the player in a loop that does not result in creativity or the construction of something they can take beyond the game....or games that simply offer ever more ways to smash, destroy and vanquishing opponents.


I bought this game on steam and it was boring.

Utterly enchanting. It's like fidget sensory toys for fantasy land. I love this game so much.


Gnog is a relatively straight forward puzzle game, in which you try to uncover the secrets of 9 different boxes and their inhabitants. It feels very playful as you pull all the levers and press all the buttons to see which sights and sounds they lead to. The ambient music changing while you solve the levels is fantastic and its a relatively short, but intriguing journey to uncover all the tactile secrets of each puzzle box. Even if I would prefer more challenging levels, its a delight that you should check out. 4/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


Super cute game! The presentation is bright, colorful, and charming. For the most part the puzzles themselves are quite simple, but it's still fun just prodding at the lively puzzle-box levels. I really enjoyed the music and sound design, definitely the highlight of the game for me. Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to spend an enjoyable hour or so.

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Is the included VR shortcut supposed to be linked to the default build directory (D:\Projects\Unity\gnog-standalone-build\Builds\win\standalone\GNOG.exe)? It doesn't work since the path is wrong, and while I know I could fix it by using a batch file instead I think that's something the game should include.

How did you managed to fix it?

Was gunna leave a review and a rating like I do with all the games I play, but I can't seem to find it here? Anywho here's my review. 

Gnog is a really good puzzle game. It's extremely surreal and cutesy. The game is pretty much just a series of puzzle boxes, and I really love this concept. Game plays well, and while I got confused sometimes, the puzzles are easy enough. That's my only gripe with the game. Puzzles were too easy at times. Maybe 1 or 2 of the puzzles really tricked me. Other than that, really well done. Enjoyed my time. 


started playing today and immediately fell in love with it!

Sidequest please? :D

loved the game a ton. a total must pick if you got the huge bundle. only took a little over an hour to complete, but it was a really great stress releave for me! even for the short experience, totallly worth the 9 dollars, and especially if you got the big bundle on itch



I've been greatly enjoying playing GNOG today, however, I unfortunately appear to have encountered a couple of progress blocking bugs. They both happened in my final level, LAB-0. The first time I attempted it, I somehow managed to release a lot of steam in the upper area, preventing me from interacting with the wheel to change the top symbol. The second time around, I did everything I could think of to progress, even checking a walkthrough after quite some time. As far as I can tell, everything looks exactly as it should, the only difference being that I can't seem to get the beam level all the way to max position. Any time I drag the lever it appears to snap back to a position that is not quite full (see attached gif).

Other than this I can't nothing seems to differ from the aforementioned walkthrough.

Apologies, I have located and solved the issue myself. It seems that, despite showing the correct symbol, one of the wheels was not quite rotated to the right position.

Hello I work with SideQuest at and I wanted to ask if you were at all considering a Oculus Quest port for your game whatsoever, It looks quite fun and having it on SideQuest would be a treat.  We would love to see GNOG reach more people so If you ever do consider making an APK version for the Oculus Quest we would love to have you with us, Our aim is to help host and distribute games as easily as possible for any developer, If you want to sell your game you can even link the listing you set up on SideQuest directly to for easy purchase set up. Listing on SideQuest is also completely free. If you're interested at all there's more information on how you would can submit an application or game to SideQuest here: and for an example of a listing currently on us using Itch integration you can see here:

In any case best wishes and we hope for the brightest of futures for you.

hey thanks for your interest but unfortunately we do not have plans to support this. Thanks for checkin in!

Not at all, It is unfortunate but understandable as moving a game to a new format is not as easy as it sounds. I do wish you the best of luck in any future games be they in VR in or not.

Any chance you're looking to let loose a sideloadable APK for the Quest?

Hmm unlikely to be honest, sorry!

Hello, I just buy the game but I don't see my steam key in my download page, and the page of the game says that it comes with a steam key.

Hi there! Just checked and the keys are properly set up in our backend so not sure what's going on. If you're still having trouble you can email contact AT and we'll set you up with a key.

So this is a screnshot of my download page, the button that says "get steam key" don't appear at all.

The music in this game is so nice, bouncy, and crisp! It's like listening to Dolby Digital Surrond-Sound in a Theater!


Are you guys planning a Linux version? Please please please? :3

I think we'd like to but we haven't had a machine to test on yet. We'll be looking into it after all the patching is done!

Beautiful! You know we penguins are always happy to test and report bugs :)


Any update on the Linux plans at all?

Works flawlessly via wine in Linux.  I'm probably half way through the game and haven't noticed a single problem.

I do prefer to support developers doing Linux proper though :)

Of course. :)

What an amazing little, trippy game.  The music, visuals, and artwork are generally outstanding.  If you're looking for something deep, this isn't it, but it's a lovely way to pass the time.

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