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kept me entertained for hours and i will gladly replay several times. fantastic audio and graphics design

I have gotten many of bundles from various places and this pops up a lot. That's how you know it's a good one and it is! 

Interesting game with a great soundtrack!


Really enjoyed this! It's a fun and bright afternoon spent. I also really liked the audio design :)

Beautiful game!! Although there are a few bugs, such as randomly disappearing hands (I played it in VR), it was a pleasantly good experience! The aesthetic is certainly weird, but everything works together so wonderfully. And in VR, everything in this game just looks amazing. Good job!

Such a lovely and awesome game <3

A fun and charming game with tactile puzzle boxes. Not terribly long but it doesn't outstay its welcome at the same time.

Hi, I bought this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Does this version come with a steam key? Thank you.

The Gnog is Pog. (I'm sorry).

Awesome! Does buying this as part of a bundle come with a steam key?


Very cute and fun game! Almost all puzzles are easy to figure out without any sort of outside help! For more sensitive players, I suggest turning your volume all the way down at the beginning as it is quite loud and you're not able to get to settings immediately upon opening the game! 

Wonderfully fun game.  I played with a controllerr and found the almost constant vibrating of the controller to be very annoying though.  The controls were a bit clunky too.  I still enjoyed it very much.  Great puzzles.

I figured out my issue.  My laser mouse kept activating, making everything work poorly.  Works much better with it securely flat on a surface!  Me had a dumbz.  Great game!  Mouse is easier to use than controller though, just because it is faster to move the cursor around.

Nice game! Very unique and playful. Everything in it seems alive like a small pieces world you can look into for short amount of time. It is very well done and deserves all the praises it can get.  


If you search the store and filter on VR this game does not show up.

Thats a missed chance to sell and promote this game.

I played it on EPIC and its a great game

Not for trackpad but other than that, a wonderful, calm, cute game.

how to play this on IOS system?

So cute, huge fan. Loved the music too!

absolutely beautiful in every way!

lovely game :)

Really enjoyed this puzzle game. Such a nice distraction, fun visuals and great music/sounds. Excellent work to the creators!

This game is beautiful! I adored the music especially. Took me about an hour and a half to finish it. 

Great game, beautifully designed and crafted!


Beautiful game with brilliant sound design and music. I had so much fun pushing lots of buttons and solving little puzzles. Highly reccomended!

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how do you start the game so that it goes to vr . the gnog launch vr shortcut doesnt work

pls help

Loved it! The animations are truly great.


very nice game! the dream logic works because of the toy-like mechanics. Clever and colorful!

very cute and fun game! you never know what to expect next and it's always a delight to find out :)

This game is truly amazing!! Huge props to everyone involved in the project... I wanted to ask since this game has an android port, would the team be open to porting this game too for Windows ARM? (i.e. Surface Pro X, and other ARMPC Win devices)

I tired running the game through an emulation layer but sadly it's very choppy on my end, and it would bean so much of this was an option available for this and upcoming episodes. If your team can't I understand, but I figured I;'d ask since I am truly in love with this game's.


I thought this was an amazing game! The puzzles kind of remind me of the type of things you would find in an escape room. Great animation, music, and puzzles are hard enough for me to be interesting, but not so impossible that I got frustrated at any point (though I did need to take out a pen and paper for at least one of these). Definitely worth the play, and I would definitely play again if I ever get a VR setup. 

this game is beautiful in every way

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I love this game SOO much! 

Brilliant music and sounds and instills a real sense of discovery and physical puzzle solving.

My only frustration was mastering turning dials as the direction i needed to move the mouse seemed to change at the halfway point instead of just moving my mouse all in one direction for the whole turn of the dial.

Such a lovely game ! I see that it has Oculus Rift support, would that include Quest or no ?

This is such a visually pleasing game, it's like digital fidget gadgets that require your attention to complete (if you don't get stuck hovering your mouse over all the reactive environment pieces ofc). This is so well done and makes me happy :)

very epic game, like a living devil's lock, love it

Me encanto el juego, un juego rápido, con un arte muy bonito, música y ambientación muy buena, una dificultad no muy difícil pero tampoco tan fácil, un juego muy bueno y recomendado


Hello, the game is so juicy and chill! Pretty good work there! That's a 5 stars for me.

This was so unique and fun! The colors, the music, and of course the puzzles were incredibly entertaining. Glad I played it. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a puzzle game.

Love this one. The music box was my favourite.

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