Patch Notes – v1.0.6


  • Support for eye-gaze controllers. Working with charity SpecialEffect, we’ve provided a new launch option where certain widgets can be controlled more easily with assistive mouse devices. Instead of clicking and holding the mouse to move an object, you only need to click the mouse once to grab something, then click again to release it. To play in this mode, choose “Play with mouse accessibility support,” or launch the game with the command-line argument “--eyegaze”. If you play GNOG with mouse accessibility support, we’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks again to SpecialEffect for their patience and continued help in making this feature possible.


  • Added launch targets to play game with mouse accessibility support (Mac/Win), and to launch in VR mode (Win)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: removed some conflicting animations in CANDY
  • Fixed: ignore mouse input while in VR.


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