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fun little game

Steam key?

A really lovely game! I absolutely adored the vibes, a perfect way to spend an hour!

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I have a question about the Worm Habitat gift.

I saw it listed as "wormb" in a few places, but listed as "worm" in another place, once at the gift giving sequence when I gave the gift to my partner, before it got listed as being wormb again.

is the B at the end supposed to be there to differentiate it from being a worm that is special, not a normal creature like an earthworm? or was it supposed to be spelled as worm, without the B at the end?

Yes, the proper name is 'wormb' (the B is silent). It's meant to be a name for the special kind of worm it is, if it was written as worm somewhere it's in reference to the general sort of creature it is.

Cool, that is what I figured was going on, but wasn't totally sure.

a cute game 

really cute


Great Experience! 

Loved every part of this game! 


the style is off the charts even starting from the alleyway graffiti. seeing the goddesses from diaries of a spaceport janitor was such a fun surprise - that's my favorite game! even without that this was lovely and a really cool experience. thank you :)


This game is SO relaxing! And I really loved the spiritual part of it too. Oh, and I can't forget the really smart implementation of the language choosing. Well done!

Very lovely, really enjoyed the mood of this game!

J'adore! Trop contente de retrouver du québéquois, le style graphique est génial et l'univers est trop beau! gg

Loved the return of Beb and fellow deities who I met in Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor. I wonder if I will find them again, and where next?

(No spoilers)
It is a cute game, short but I've actually been in like 2 hours just for watching everything. The only "issue" I've had is when throwing objects, sometimes these are unrecoverable and you just have to restart the game. For the rest, it is a pretty fun game and I love the ambient and graphics. I personally wouldn't add anything to the game, it is pretty as it is.

A new fav game of mine :)


Short but cute game about a corner store and the mysterious items held within.  Despite my addiction to capsule toys, I managed to tear myself away from the hunt for coins and buy a gift. A Turnip! But not just any Turnip, a Haunted Turnip! 

The dialogue and lore building felt very natural and was a fun little experience. The ending was also adorable. Well worth a play!


LOVE the art style and the world created within the game - kept me wanting more and going back in to find more hidden gems! :)


Got a possible spoiler-y question that is currently puzzling me atm.

The some of the Gods depicted in this game are also the Gods depicted in "Diary of a Space Janitor", which leads me to ask.

Is there gods depicted in this game are fictional (I mean like in terms of in-universe not literal) or is there some type of history I can read up about them? I try googling up the names of the deities but couldn't find anything beyond couple lost players of "Diaries of a Space Janitor" looking for directions.
Asking because I would be interested in reading more about these deities if there is more to read about them.


Got this game from the Bundle for Ukraine, so good! Also, after playing this, I almost instantly recognized your bird art in The Zium Museum! Good stuff!


Such a sweet game. Thank you!

I was looking through the Ukraine bundle for games to relax to and this was perfect! The shop has such a cozy atmosphere and I loved all the little details.

Very chill and cute experience. 

I  absolutely loved my first playthrough of this game, and I'm excited to do it again and see different things. Thank you <3

Lovely little game, made me laugh out loud when I finally figured out why the cat statue kept moving around. Also made me facepalm.

Loved the owner, and the objects - I definitely feel like I haven't seen everything yet after 2 playthroughs. 


Just finished the game and it's one of the best things I've played in a long long  while. 

This micro-cosmos of a shop and its lovely owner had so much personality. 
I want to play it again, but on the other hand, I'm happy with my choices and the present I went home with. I don't want to change that.

Oh, and the Quantum Cat was a delightful touch.

¡Gracias por hacer este juego!


scary basement wall


i love the way you choose a language in this game


I just can't get enough of the soundtrack

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C’était tellement mignon mdr. Je n’ai pas réalisé que c’était Québécois jusqu’à ce que je remarque une partie de l’argot intrinsèquement Québécois d'Eugénie. Jeu charmant et émouvant.


Le texte n'est pas toujours très lisible...


‼️ montréalais dans notre collection de jeux-video!! :)

Si cool de trouver un jeu vraiment québecois ici dans un bundle! Et les panneaux de travaux de rue faisaient vraiment un feeling Montréal :D Belle ambiance étrange, bravo!

playing this was such a pleasant experience, i sort of wish i could understand french so i can appreciate the intuitive language / game mechanic more! the atmosphere is cozy, it makes me want to stay in the store longer. i love the dialogue, plus the way stories are told through the objects is just *chef's kiss* amazing flavor. 

minor spoiler

the divination bit is also a wonderful aspect. in my first playthrough i carefully and earnestly chose the object and i was really happy with the result i got, haha


Really loved playing this game, the art style was what drew me in but the calming vibe from it was so enjoyable. Looking forward to playing it through again...p.s. I apologise for butchering the pronunciation




Quite enjoyable -- and perplexing!


How do you break that skull?! There *must* be a way! I tried throwing it down the stairs, dropping the crowbar on it, chucking it high in the air... nothing! Someone help me solve this mystery...


I tried closing the gates on it and putting it into the giant hand but neither worked. If you figure it out let me know!


A short miniadventure in which you stumble upon an item shop. The game does incredibly well to evoke a warm and comfortable feeling, inviting you to stroll through the aisles and take in a decidedly french attitude to life. I wont spoil the end and feel like there is a bit more that could have been done with the concept, but its slightly surprising nature and delving into an otherworldly almost spiritual mystical atmosphere really did well to pull people in. 3,5/5

More Itch Bundle impressions:
Youtube Channel:

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I played this game for hours yesterday, shot straight into my top 10 games of all time. I love everything about it! The world, the art style, the music, the small story fragments, the exploration! My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that I want more! I want to know everything about this universe you've created, I want to explore every inch of the store and solve every mystery.

I do also wish there was a wiki or something, I've found a few things that I'm not sure if there's more to do with them or if they're set pieces/dead ends. (SPOILER)The brick wall, the cube, and the ghost in the lower levels.


Got this game in the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid and I just adore it. I want to see all the endings but also don't want to because the first one feels so. . special? Short but sweet. 

Same here. My girlfriend was so happy I didn't get the impression I had any kind of "bad ending".

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