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10:50 PM.

My bichette is waiting at home and I’m determined to bring her something special. The little dépanneur on this side street may still be open. It’s my last chance.


You’re out on a rainy late-night quest for a very particular gift. The only problem is you don’t know what it is yet...

Finding a corner store that’s open at this hour must be kismet! With the help of its peculiar proprietor and her unusual inventory, you’re sure to find something worth your search. What will the gifts you pick foretell?

The dep is closing in an hour, so be forewarned… this is a single-sitting game.


  • Shop and explore at your own pace, discovering new secrets the longer you stay
  • Collect as many or as few gifts as your heart desires, budget is of no concern when it comes to your love!
  • Set in a magical, mystical interpretation of Montréal
  • Estimated completion time: 1–2 hours, a miniature jaunt
  • Fully bilingual (English and French with a Québec twist) - switch as you like!


KO_OP is making space for its team to be able to experiment, without the demands of a large production. This atmospheric little walkabout game is the first from our new initiative, KO_OP mini.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 18
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Version 18


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Really loved playing this game, the art style was what drew me in but the calming vibe from it was so enjoyable. Looking forward to playing it through again...p.s. I apologise for butchering the pronunciation




Quite enjoyable -- and perplexing!


How do you break that skull?! There *must* be a way! I tried throwing it down the stairs, dropping the crowbar on it, chucking it high in the air... nothing! Someone help me solve this mystery...


I tried closing the gates on it and putting it into the giant hand but neither worked. If you figure it out let me know!

A short miniadventure in which you stumble upon an item shop. The game does incredibly well to evoke a warm and comfortable feeling, inviting you to stroll through the aisles and take in a decidedly french attitude to life. I wont spoil the end and feel like there is a bit more that could have been done with the concept, but its slightly surprising nature and delving into an otherworldly almost spiritual mystical atmosphere really did well to pull people in. 3,5/5

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Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/YTPList

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I played this game for hours yesterday, shot straight into my top 10 games of all time. I love everything about it! The world, the art style, the music, the small story fragments, the exploration! My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that I want more! I want to know everything about this universe you've created, I want to explore every inch of the store and solve every mystery.

I do also wish there was a wiki or something, I've found a few things that I'm not sure if there's more to do with them or if they're set pieces/dead ends. (SPOILER)The brick wall, the cube, and the ghost in the lower levels.


Got this game in the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid and I just adore it. I want to see all the endings but also don't want to because the first one feels so. . special? Short but sweet. 


I really quite liked the idea of this game, but there's just something about the camera movement and settings that made me really feel the motion sickness. It got especially bad when you (SPOILER ALERT) go into the basement areas, especially the stairs (SPOILER END)

J'ai vraiment aimé! Si jamais ça devient un plus gros jeu, c'est un achat assuré! :)

C'était cool, j'ai flatté le chat plein de fois, je me suis fais un café, je l'ai échappé plein de fois (y'a tu moyen de le boire?) avant de l'abandonner dans le frigo, j'ai trouvé des pièces, j'ai acheté une veste, deux poupées dans la machine, j'ai trafiquer un peu avec la radio, j'ai acheté le buste et j'ai jasé avec la caissière. Si je me fie aux commentaire y'a encore d'autres chose possible, alors je vais surement explorer le dep nocture à nouveau :) quand j'ai vu le mot "dépanneur" j'étais genre, hein! un jeu fait par des québecois, faut que je check ça ;) c'est tellement cute, je suis contente d'offrir un peu de mon support. Good job!

I really loved everything about this one. Makes me wish that more games like this existed <3

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It's very fun and truly amazing game for exploration                                          ,fantasy also it is healing.                 

I love all the color themes from the beginning when the character was on the dark alley, (rainy night mood caught my eye in this game. ) When character found the sign above 'Depanneur Nocturne' I could feel the same curiosity what this shop would be like.

<might be spoiler for people just visited here>

Important feature  is if you just want to buy some gifts to your bichette, you can do that, Talk with the shop owner and have fun with it, if you want to do some exploration and dig up more information in the store, you can do that too. It's all about your choice and your decision!

I also liked the color theme changes with different soda whenever I drank it, it changes the whole mood and I only could see what colors this liquid dose shown me, and I felt I was in drug too. Just follow the mood and make your choice, it's absolutely amazing feature.

I played this three times with different route and I think I'll try more, It is really beautiful and stunning, thank you for this such wonderful experience!

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I ADORE this game, it's so beautifully constructed! The artwork is perfect and the world is so tactile. Just wow!

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My bichette's countryside house has a bog nearby where we went bugchasing as kids. I feel like it needs an offering or two for all we've received — from it, and in general. The Quagmire Consortium would be pleased (it if actually exists, that is).
However I couldn't withstand the wormblet. Figured our minds need a place to be as we get stuck in day-to-day lives. We hope we can find an artificer willing to go through the complex atmosphere invocation procedure to resupply the wormblet's worth of nutrients for some more years, when the time comes.
Speaking of it, I was looking up to the Dépanneur's clock, but I was told it better be left unsold. Reasons unclear. An acknowledged mystic could say the cadence of its ticks have come into resonance with the place so strong they became one.
Well, you can't buy time anyway. Even if one could, I wouldn't afford it. Besides that, I was hazy and unable to tell if I left my porte-monnaie home, had to scrape some rounders up from the shelves as I went. Luckily they support the new-fangled L-System.
In spite of that, I had a great time in Dépanneur Nocturne. We chatted with the owner quite a bit. We like the same cooking show on the radio.
Looking forward to coming there again with my bichette. Maybe they shouldn't open the street after all — I won't like to see the place populated.


Just amazing, thank you.

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Very nice! The game locked up on me though in the [Spoiler?] second room you talk to the shop owner. I brought an item from the shop and the whole thing locked when I showed that to her,  she didn't say anything and I couldn't get out of the state again, tried pressing everything.

Will give it another shot later on I really dig the mood!

Sorry about that, Ill look into it! Thanks for playing.

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Fantastic little game!! I adore the aesthetic. The bouncyness of the animation for the shopkeeper adds such fun character.  I love how looking around gives you some hints and insight about the game's world, even if it's small. 


played this at Day of the Devs today and was as mysterious and atmospheric as it looks! I'm really interested to see all the different permutations/endings and I'm excited for the release (I had never heard about this game until today)!


That's great! Thanks for saying so, I'm glad you had a chance to try it!


This is so great! I have so many feelings about deps, esp the ones that carry cheese curds by the till <3

Very pretty graphics! I'm sure this game is gonna be great.

looks good. excellent bodega setting.



So excited about this!